Space Cadet


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Get To Know Me Meme // [6/10] Favorite Male Characters

Jonathan Ames (Bored to Death)

Ray: β€œYou’re an idiot!”
Jonathan: β€œThanks for understanding.”

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<cute>mick jagger</cute>

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third wheeling two girls who are best friends is so much worse than third wheeling a couple

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Today I met #JoeBiden at #greatlakescoffee in #midtown #detroit.

Nothing will ever top the moment he shook my hand, smelling of peppermint and coffee, and said, &#8220;who did you get your eyes from? Write your mom and dad a thank you note.&#8221; 

I love you, Joe Biden.



I’m stuck between wanting:

1. A long lasting relationship with my soulmate who supports me and protects me and is my partner and we are completely bad ass together and in love

2. Wanting to have casual sex and rip out the heart of everyone person I meet

3. Being independent and having a loyal dog while I’m married to my career

It scares me how accurate this is.

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clean and clear commercial


white/lightskin/racially ambiguous girl: i had a pimple one time and i was ugly and dying and everyone spit on me and i was exiled from society but then i used clean and clear and now i am a healed and whole person with jesus in my heart

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